Elton John And The Caribou Ranch

Elton John visited the Caribou Ranch in 1974 to record a new album. Fittingly, he named the album produce, “Caribou.” He didn’t have as much time as he would have liked to explore the property and take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere that the ranch was meant to provide, but still produced an amazing album at a one-of-a-kind recording studio. 

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Although the Caribou Ranch was supposed to be a getaway for many artists, Elton John spent a lot of his time working, rather enjoying the activities. He had a total of nine days scheduled to record the entire album because of an upcoming tour.

Elton John appreciated everything that the Caribou Ranch had to offer, being quoted as saying, “It was luxurious.” He just didn’t have the time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that the ranch so famously provided.

Caribou Ranch was one of the few getaways for musicians where they could walk around and explore without their bodyguards. Even today there are still many easy-level hiking trails that allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. 

Caribou — The Album

Even without having extra time to relax and explore the Caribou Ranch, Elton John still had an appreciation for what the ranch offered. There was a state of the art recording studio, and plenty of open space and hiking trails. He knew what a place like this could mean to an artist who very rarely gets to slow down and appreciate life and nature. 

Elton John was inspired by the Caribou Ranch and named his album after it. This was his first album produced in America and included the singles, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down,” and ,”The Bitch is Back.”

Caribou — The Ranch

At the time when Elton John visited, the Caribou Ranch was comprised of an open space and hiking trails, in addition to it’s recording studio. Artists were wined and dined, and allowed to wander the property freely, which was not a common occurrence for someone with Elton John's fame. 

Famous musicians, in their everyday lives, were usually surrounded by bodyguards and followed around by paparazzi, so you can imagine the effect that this type of freedom would have. Writing songs became easier; producing was fun again. Without all the outside pressures that famous artists are surrounded with everyday, they were able to clear their minds and produce amazing albums. 

Caribou Ranch was a legend for a reason. It allowed artists to produce some of the best albums of their careers in an environment that was not normal for a recording studio. This is why it was such a sought-after destination for musicians to record their albums. Even though rushed, Elton John still thought Caribou Ranch was special enough to name his album after.

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