How To Get Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame takes not just talent and hard work, but endurance. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame only inducts musicians who, “have had a significant impact on the evolution, development, and perpetuation of rock and roll.” You don’t get an induction by releasing a few successful singles. Musicians who are inducted have all helped in some way to shape the music that we listen to today.

Did you know the Caribou Ranch was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2016? Visit our official site today to learn more about the history and which classic rock artists recorded there. 

Quantifiable Qualifications

A lot of what can get a musician inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame isn’t quantifiable — Just like good rock and roll music. The nominating committee does not consider record sales or popularity. 

The only quantifiable requirement is that a musician only becomes eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first album, which makes sense. In order to have the influence to help develop and evolve music you have to be around a while, and you have to be making music that people will still remember 25 years from now.

The Categories of Induction

As the years have gone by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has extended its amount of categories. Originally, they inducted mostly performers, but as time goes by it becomes increasingly obvious that it’s not just the performers that make the music, and it’s not just the performers that shape and influence the way that rock and roll is evolving. They’ve even decided to include performers that existed before rock and roll, but still helped shape the music that we all know and love. 


This category is pretty obvious. This is reserved for the musicians who show unquestionable musical excellence and talent, and have influenced the evolution of music. The length and depth of their career is also considered.

Early Influencer

The early influence category is for the artists that existed before rock and roll did, but still had an influence on it’s evolution. These are still performers, just not of the rock and roll variety. A good example would be Bessie Smith or Louis Armstrong. 

Non-Performer AKA The Ahmet Ertegun Award

The Non-performers category is to recognize that rock and roll takes a lot of work behind the scenes, and just because these people may not directly be performing, they still absolutely helped shape rock and roll. This category is reserved for the songwriters, producers, DJ’s, and record executives, among others. The people who, without them, rock and roll would not be what it is today. 

Side-Men AKA The Award For Musical Excellence

The side-men category is rather new, but still notable. The performers who weren’t necessarily in the spotlight, but still had a major influence on rock. These are the back-up singers on albums or on tour. This has recently been renamed the “Award for Musical Excellence.”

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame was created to celebrate all different styles of music, not just rock and roll. Their vision was to include not only performers, but also the organizations and supporters that help make music into what it is today. 

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame was founded in 2011, and celebrates musicians and musical influencers alike, that are from, live, or once lived in Colorado. They have two museums and both are located at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. 


The qualifications to be inducted into The Colorado Music Hall of Fame are very similar to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The inductees are judged by the length of their careers, their music, and the influence that they’ve had on music. 

The biggest difference is that The Colorado Music Hall of Fame does not only induct rock and roll artists, although there has been an argument lately, that neither does the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame was built around an idea of celebrating the Colorado music industry as a whole. They celebrate the performers, the producers, the radio stations, and even a recording studio that you may have heard of called The Caribou Ranch.

The Caribou Ranch

The Caribou Ranch was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2016. It was inducted for the incredible influence that it had on many rock and roll artists and their music in the 1970’s and 1980’s. 

The Caribou Ranch was like a retreat and recording studio, all in one. Artists would go there to get away from the bodyguards and the paparazzi, and all the craziness that makes up a rockstars life. They needed a place where they could breathe some fresh air and clear their head. 

The Caribou Ranch did the trick. They could spend time on the trails and enjoying the open space and get back to nature. This was a place where they didn’ t have to worry about appointments or interviews or any other obligation besides relaxing and letting the music create itself naturally.

The ranch was a great place to inspire writing, and had a state-of-the-art recording studio right in the barn. You really couldn’t beat the ambiance. Visit the Caribou Ranch official site to purchase t shirts to show your love of rock and roll today!

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