Grass-Fed Beef

Locally raised here on the ranch! We offer pick-up orders from our Longmont location.

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Our Commitment to Quality Beef

Caribou Ranch Grass-Fed Beef is fresh, safe, local, and sustainably raised in Boulder County, Colorado. The Caribou Ranch Cattle herd is hormone- and antibiotic-free. Caribou Ranch strives to provide high-quality grass-fed beef that is well-marbled, tender, and flavorful. Our finishing methods achieve superior nutrition and flavor profiles over grain-fed, feedlot produced beef. We are dedicated to providing a quality product that promotes the sustainability of food sources within our community on the Front Range. The Caribou Ranch cattle herd is holistically managed to ensure that grasslands sequester carbon and naturally maintain soil fertility to benefit both the cattle and the environment. 



Increase in Organic Matter and Carbon Sequestration

  • Planned management of cattle increases organic soil matter through manure fertilization and sustainable grazing techniques.

  • Stimulation of grassland growth through animal impact helps sequester carbon and retain soil moisture.



Benefits of Caribou Ranch Grass Fed Beef for Soils

  • Cattle activity aerates the soil and distributes seeds for pasture regeneration.
  • Caribou Ranch grass planned grazing raises the soil's water storing capacity by increasing the organic matter content and maintaining the soil's naturally occurring microbiology.